2015 set limit to upgrade

Product name: day ling snowflake pendant (pure white, champagne, seven color )

Rules: snowflakes 7.3 cm in diam.,chain 9.7cm, total 19 cm with three-layer structure

Material process: artificial crystal, fine cutting process

Decorative function: rearview mirror crystal pendant, with color, transparent, shining brilliantly luxurious visual effect,; it can be used as an exquisite gift for family and friends, high-grade packaging for luxurious car .

Location: easy to install. Using advanced metal chain buckles or strap knot hanging on the rearview mirror the strut, rearview mirror natural straight down on the back

Product Features

  • Limited edition to 2015
  • Great gift for any Christmas ornament collector, Newborn or Anniversary
  • Made in Austria
  • rearview mirror crystal pendant
  • Colorful Spiritual crystal snowflake