Travel in the 1800s was very different than it is today. Without cars, people traveled by foot, horse or stagecoach. In 1861, Mark Twain describes the stagecoach in his book “Roughing It” as a cradle on wheels. In fact, because of its unique construction, the stagecoach rocked as it moved instead of bouncing on steel springs. However, many of Twain’s fellow travelers might have disagreed – poor weather, uneven roads, and the fear of bandits made stagecoach travel anything but comfortable!
Stagecoach has an cream and black exterior with red seats, small gift boxes inside and outside of coach, with a wreath on each door the opens and close
Meticulously handcrafted by a team of skilled artisans in the USA

Dimensions: 15.25″H x 27.5″W x 11″D
Material(s): metal/wood/foam/plastic/felt

Note: This is an artisan-made, handcrafted item

Product Features

  • Handcrafted item
  • Stagecoach
  • Winter
  • Artisan-made
  • Made in USA