From the Kindlekin Collection

It seems a Kindle’s work is never done. A room that has been touched by Kindles is swept with the glitter of fantasy, the charm of holidays gone by and the sparkling prospects of what is yet to come!
Wraps is Santa’s chief wrapping Kindle! And when she’s wrapping packages on Christmas Eve, her hands are just a blur — pretty paper, fancy bow, neat tag, watch those scissors! There’s just one problem — after handling all that tape, Wraps’ fingers are too sticky to even snack on a Christmas cookie in between packages. Help!
Wraps wears a faux velvet jacket and hat, trimmed in white fur, and green and white striped pants
Meticulously handcrafted by a team of skilled artisans in the USA

Dimensions: 6.5″H x 2.75″W x 2.5″D
Material(s): fabric/man-made materials/paper

Note: This is an artisan-made, handcrafted item. Gentle variations such as hair color or costume are to be expected and enhance the uniqueness of each individual item

Product Features

  • Christmas elf named Wraps
  • Tree Ornament
  • Gift boxes