January 6 is a national holiday in Italy when the feast of Epiphany is celebrated and the tradition of La Befana is a big part of their Christmas celebrations. Epiphany commemorates the 12th day of Christmas when the three Wise Men arrived at the manger bearing gifts for Baby Jesus.

La Befana has been an Italian tradition since the XIII century and comes from Christian legend rather than pop culture. As legend has it, La Befana, a witch-like woman riding on a broom, refused to join the Wise Men on their journey to see the baby Jesus. When she regrets her decision, she sets out to bring gifts to the Child but never finds him. Instead, she leaves gifts for other children. Italian children leave out their shoes or put up stockings for the Befana to fill on January 5th, Epiphany Eve.

Soffieria De Carlini was started in 1947 making inventive and imaginative glass Christmas ornaments. Post war Italy needed their spirits lifted and these ornaments did just that with their magical imagery. Each ornament is, as it was then, exclusively made in Italy, blown and hand-decorated, and transmits the poetry of an unchanged art.

Their glass ornaments are recognizable worldwide for their distinctive style. They have been imitated but they are never equaled. We trust you will enjoy them on your Christmas tree although they are beautiful enough to display them all year.

Product Features

  • Traditional Blown glass Christmas Ornament
  • Every De Carlini ornament is mouth-blown and hand-decorated.
  • Created and made completely and exclusively in Italy.
  • Size: Approximately 8.25 x 3.5 inches high
  • Variations in free blown hand painted items is customary