Share the sweet sounds of the holidays with the Songbeary family of bears! Featuring a musical chip in her left paw pad, the song, “Hark the Harold Angels Sing” is played when activated. Harmony wears a dress crafted in musically inspired fabric created exclusively for the Songbeary Collection. Green velour ribbon accents the trim of the dress and her red jacquard jacket is trimmed in soft white plush fabric. A scrolled embroidered pattern accentuates her musically inspired fabric angel wings and she holds a felt Christmas Carole song book. Harmony is 10-inches tall and crafted in custom blended mocha plush fabric. She is fully-jointed with hand stitched nose and mouth and soft felt lined paw pads.

Product Features

  • Released in 2011
  • Approx 10″ Tall
  • Made of plush fur with poly filling
  • Poseable Bear Angel with tan Colored Wings
  • Harmony Songbeary has a Music Chip in her Left Foot