When not in training for The Big Night (Christmas Eve, that is), the Reindeers kick back in the dorm hall, which was built with room enough to spread out yer antlers and have some fun. The snow-covered cottage, complete with ice cream cone spires and candy accents, features a dining stall, laundry facility, and individual suites for reindeers in training. It’s pretty hard to miss yer classes ’cause the RHD (Reindeer Hall Director) posts reminders all over the place-Antler Maintenance 101, Bell Jinglers Rehearsal, and Prance Class are pretty important if ya wanna make it on Kringle’s squad. Everything a reindeer needs is provided by the dorm-Midnight Hay Snacks, Reindeer Games, and a seminar to deal with Hoof and Mouth Disease (yuck!). There’s even an upstairs pool hall complete with TV, recliner, hay-filled futon, dart board and poster pin-ups of the reindeers’ favorite pop stars Ma-Doe-Na and The Spice Does! Reindeers have it so good, Alphonse is tryin’ to get admitted. Until then, he’s content to hang outside and feast on snow cones. Reindeers are pretty free to come and go as they please…but they must remember one rule of the house. All Else Goes…But NO Does!. ………. QUOTE: “You may laugh at a friend’s roof; don’t laugh at his sleeping accomodations.” – Proverb

Product Features

  • Released in October 2001
  • Retired, No Longer in Production
  • Edition Size of Only 5,200
  • Approx. 5.5″ Tall
  • Made from Cold Cast Resin