In the farmin’ village of Boydsenbeary Acres(tm), kids are required to learn a lil’ reading, writing, and arithmetic before it’s time to take on odd jobs around the farm. B.A. Elementary was built back in the good ol’ days from brick, limestone, and slate from the nearby creek.

The bell in the tower chimes at a quarter till nine to let kids know it’s time to head for school. Inside the one-room schoolhouse Miss Macintosch leads the pledge of allegiance each morning and proceeds with the lessons of the day. The kiddies can’t wait for recess when they can ride bikes around the playground, play a game of kickball, slide on the slide, ride the seesaws, or bounce on the spring pony (really rocks back and forth!).

One seat is empty today…it’s Billy Bob, who skipped school and is hidin’ in the bushes, hopin’ to meet up with his friends when they break for recess! Hear the sound of a familiar school prayer? Lift off the roof to see students sayin’ the Pledge of Allegiance. Join in, won’t ya? Miss Macintosh is dedicated to her profession…just lift out the schoolroom scene to read her theory on education! ….. QUOTE: “We often learn great lessons in simple and everyday ways.” – Pearl S. Buck

Product Features

  • Released in October 2002
  • Retired, No Longer in Production
  • Edition Size of Only 5,200
  • Approx. 4.75″ Tall
  • Made from Cold Cast Resin