From a pieces of glass tube to this pieces of nice shaped handcrafts. This requires a series of skilled labor-intensive steps that you may interested in to know. · 1, Get glass tubes nearly melt by flames · 2, Mouth-blown it into molds quickly and then get the basic glass ornament shape · 3, Silver liquid then need to apply to inner of glass ornaments to get shiny and nice background for outside decoration. · 4, Hand-painted and glittered apply to outside of the glass ornaments. If you buy and have them with you, count how many colors and how many kinds of glitters that were used in these glass ornaments. You will be surprised by the number.

Product Features

  • This 5 inch tall Las Vegas Glass Blown Ornament is your best choice of Las Vegas souvenirs.
  • This glass blown ornaments include the amazing major building and sights of this city Las Vegas.
  • Its shiny and colorful sparking glittering glass ornament shows splendid views of Las Vegas.
  • This beautiful glass ornament features major nice hotels
  • A wonderful glass ornament gift for those who has or has not been visited Las Vegas