Introducing the most convenient Christmas decoration out! This dual purpose Doghouse Ornament comes fully equipped with a magnetic backing making it not only an adorable item on your tree, but a handy magnet you can use all year round. Each ornament measures 3 by 3 inches and is made of a durable poly resin material to ensure the beauty of the ornament lasts for years to come. This Chihuahua ornament was hand painted to capture every realistic feature of the breed. The Chihuahuas head is sticking out of the dog house shaped ornament surrounded by a beautiful wintery scene. The front of the ornament has a blank name plate hanging above the Chihuahuas head giving you the leeway to personalize this item as you please whether it is with your pets name or the year. This is a great way to include your pet in the making of your holiday memories. Once the Christmas tree comes down you can place this ornament right on your refrigerator to take advantage of the magnetic convenience to hang important or special papers and notes. The individual holiday gift box the ornament comes in makes this a great gift idea for any Chihuahua owner or lover out there.

Product Features

  • Easily Personalized With A Sharpie
  • Meticulously Hand Painted
  • Dual Purpose Ornament/ Magnet
  • Realistic Breed Details
  • Perfect Holiday Decoration