Round out your Christmas Carol nutcracker collection with the Christian Ulbricht Bob Cratchit with Tiny Tim Nutcracker. This beautifully-dressed nutcracker is an original Ulbricht design. It was handcrafted in Germany by expert craftsmen. About Alexander Taron, Inc. For more than half a century, the Alexander Taron Company has been delighting customers and collectors with traditional European gifts. These exquisite hand-crafted products range from nutcrackers and incense burners to ornaments and cuckoo clocks; unique and collectible, they make unforgettable gifts regardless the occasion. Originally founded in 1949, Alexander Taron remains dedicated to providing high-quality items at great value. Stands 17 in. tall. Festive Bob Cratchit with Tiny Tim decorative nutcracker. Crafted from wood. Hand-crafted and hand-painted. Made in Germany. Limited edition of 1000.

Product Features

  • Stands 17 in. tall
  • Festive Bob Cratchit with Tiny Tim decorative nutcracker
  • Crafted from wood
  • Hand-crafted and hand-painted
  • Made in Germany