This is a beautiful and large Christmas LED candle lantern that is rustic wood, metal and glass. The lantern is a RAZ Imports lantern. I adorned this lantern with RAZ mixed cedar and pine garland, then added RAZ ornaments of red and glitter green. I made a lovely bow with glitter lime green ribbon, and 2 ribbons of red and glittered lime green mix. The bow is whimsical with streamers all around it. Falling around the sides is a rustic pine and pinecone hanging spray. There are also red sparkling feathers, metallic green holly leaves, and bright metallic red berries. Inside the lantern is a 6″ LED candle (batteries included). More rustic pine and pinecone surround the candle. This lantern is large at 18″ tall and 7.5″ x 5.5″ wide. With the embellishments, it stands at 24″ tall. This is shown on my fireplace mantel, and my fireplace hearth. It also makes a gorgeous table centerpiece. I love putting these lanterns on a table or mantle with a crocheted doily beneath it. When I ship these lanterns, I wire them to the bottom of the box so they will not lift from the top easily. This is to protect the embellishments from being smashed. They are also enclosed in bubble wrap or foam. Thank you for stopping by, and Merry Christmas shopping!