Christmas Is Coming, So You Know What This Means!

It’s time to buy new collectible Christmas ornaments for your impressive collection!

Christopher Radko presents you with the 2017 dated limited edition “Christmas Around the World” ornament from our annual collection!

Only 120 pieces with the #3013295 number have been created, so hurry and get one for yourself before they vanish!

An Elaborate Glass Bauble With A Beautiful Christmas Message!

On the “Christmas Around the World” you can see Santa Claus going around the world with his sleigh and reindeers to give the presents!

The reindeers are flying over the starry night sky, where you can see some beautiful words from “The Night Before Christmas” poem.

“And to all good night” is written with beautiful gold letters, making the glass ornament more Christmasy than it already is!

A True Christopher Radko Christmas Ornament!

You can tell just by looking at it that this is a Christopher Radko collectible Christmas ornament.

The detailed work and high quality tempered glass, make this Christmas ornament worthy of the price and value!

Made with the best materials, by the most experienced craftspeople, this glass ornament couldn’t be any better!

Don’t Hold Back Any Longer!

Are you looking for a unique collectible ornament to add to your Christmas ornament collection?

Then get the “Christmas Around the World” limited edition glass ornament, before 120 pieces of this limited edition disappear!

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Product Features

  • AN ORNAMENT FOR COLLECTORS: Do you collect Christmas ornaments and, more specifically, Christopher Radko glass ornaments? Then it’s time to add the “Christmas Around the World” 2017 dated ornament to your collection! This elaborate handmade bauble is one of the 120 pieces created, making this a limited edition ornament!
  • AND TO ALL GOODNIGHT: This unique glass ornament represents Santa Claus on his sleigh with his reindeer! He has a huge bag full of gifts with him and he’s flying in the starry sky. On the night sky you can see the words “and to all good night”with gold letters. These words from “The Night Before Christmas” poem will get you into the holiday spirit!
  • A SEVEN-DAY PROCESS: Once you hold this collectible glass ornament in your hands, you will be amazed by how beautiful and detailed it is! A huge team of skilled craftspeople makes sure that your glass ornament is flawless. In fact, it takes seven whole days to complete a single Christopher Radko ornament! Trust us, the pictures don’t do it justice!
  • A DELICATE GLASS ORNAMENT: Made with high quality tempered glass, the “Christmas Around the World” ornament may be strong, however, it is also very delicate. For this reason, you need to keep the glass ornament in a dry place away from the sun, and you should only clean it with a dry, soft cloth.In this way, it will always be as good as new!
  • COMES IN A BEAUTIFUL BOX: Such a unique Christmas ornament deserves a just as beautiful storage box. That’s why the Christopher Radko glass ornament comes in that luxurious package! You should keep the box to store your handcrafted ornament,or you could use it to give the collectible ornament to a friend or family member as a gift!