Once upon a Holiday Night a Christmas tree fell and stirred the Radko family household. With more than 1,000 vintage mouth-blown glass ornaments broken to bits, Christopher was distraught. Searching endlessly to replace them, he found nothing quite good enough that could take the place of his treasured memories. He soon came to realize that the only option was to start from scratch, thus the creation of Christopher Radko Ornaments. Armed with only his Christmas memories, Christopher enlisted a Polish glassblower and went to work to recreate his family’s lost heirlooms. It went so well that by 1985 sixty unique designs were debuted and a respected business was created. Today, after more than thirty years the Christopher Radko Company has produced more than eighteen million fine European glass ornaments that have become a part of family traditions across the United States. Since the beginning, each extraordinary holiday treasure has been produced in artisanal Polish factories by a talented team of artists and craftsmen.

Product Features

  • With a real feather in his hat, this nutcracker will add sophistication to your holiday tree. 7 inches tall.
  • Each Christopher Radko ornament is meticulously crafted in Poland using methods that date back to the Renaissance-era.
  • Artisans blow the glass, then silver and paint the ornaments completely by hand. The finishing process requires both unparalleled skill and several weeks to complete.
  • Christopher Radko ornaments are heirloom quality and prized by collectors all over the world.