Christopher Radko Collection Dimensions: 7′ H Christopher Radko#: 4026968 Glass Garland Item Details The Christopher Radko Shiny Brite collection contains the same sparkling ornaments you remember from your childhood. We have lovingly recreated them in all their fantastic colors, creative designs, and unique shapes. The blend of shimmering blues and silver of Winter Frost will bring the feeling of a white Christmas into your home.

Product Features

  • The Shiny Brite company produced the most popular ornaments in American throughout the 1940s and 50s.
  • The lovely colors and patterns you remember, these are new reproductions.
  • For many of us, they immediately evoke treasured memories of Christmases spent with family and friends.
  • Seven foot long garland of hand painted glass beads.
  • In 2001 Christopher Radko, world renowned producer of fine hand painted ornaments, began reproducing Shiny Brite ornaments. They are even packaged in a vintage styled box.