The Chesapeake Bay Retriever was named after the bay on the Maryland coast
where an English brig shipwrecked in 1807 and two Newfoundland dogs were
rescued and bred to the local retrievers. This may have included the
English Otter Hound and the Flat-Coat and Curley-Coated Retriever. This
breed was developed to work on the land and the water retrieving waterfowl,
and had been known to retrieve hundreds of birds per day. The ?Chessie? is
a strong, powerful medium sized breed weighing 55 t0 80 pounds and being 21
to 26 inches tall at the withers. Their double coat is comprised of a
short, harsh wavy outer coat with a dense fine wooly undercoat. While
short, this coat must be brushed regularly because both coats contain oils
to protect the dog from weather conditions. The coat can be brown, sedge or
dead grass in color according to the AKC standards. The AKC recognized the
Chesapeake Bay Retriever in the Sporting Group, in 1878.

Using our detailed, breed specific, hand painted Tiny Ones figurines; we
carefully mount a gold tone eyelet and gold tone cord so you can display
your favorite breed anywhere, like your Christmas tree, or rear view
mirror. Each figurine is wearing a warm winter scarf, which can be removed
in the summer! These little decorations are ready to give as a gift for
birthdays or holidays.

* Measures 3.5″
* Made of Polyresin
* Hand Painted
* Gold Tone Cord for Hanging

Product Features

  • Hand Painted