Casablanca Glamour Nixen German Merman Surfer MATT with Red Glittered Hair, GREAT Abs, & Silver “Jewelry”. December Diamonds equivalent of Surfer Dude. RARE Collector’s Item!!!Last photo is a collage of German Surfer Matt next to the Discontinued USA Surfer Dude. Matt has Silver Jewelry 7 glittered Hair. USA surfer DUDE HAD GOLD JEWELRY WITH no Glitter in his hair.Can you see the difference? 🙂 German Ornaments were only produced one year and will not be produced again. We have a few of the Mermen and 2 of the German Mermaids….Sweet!

Product Features

  • Casablanca Glamour Nixen German Merman Surfer Matt
  • Red Glittered Hair with Silver Jewelry+
  • A Rare Collector’s Item!
  • Perfect Collector Box!!!