Brand New Zircon Merman Ornament is Embellished with Rhinestone “Bling”. Significant Price increase due to the workmanship! Sculpted Upper Body,curly Blond Hair…Young & Beautiful!Arrives in December Diamonds Gift Box,ready to hang on a gold cord,hand painted & glittered.Last Photo is a collage of other December Diamonds Mermen Ornaments which you may find in our Amazon Store.You may also see the matching magnets. They are all Limited Editions & once discontinued, they are never produced again! may also be available in a T Bling, Bones, Wave,Biceps,Mr. Mussel,Victor,Woody, Trick,Mojito,Driver,Bloody Mary,Sunshine,Sex on the Beach,Lady Luck, Salty, & Several Other Mermen & Mermaid Ornaments have already been Retired. Retirement List for 2013 55-90758 Stinger 55-90761 Taylor 55-90762 Mr. Champagne 55-90763 Miss Champagne 55-90764 H2O 55-90766 Fly Boy 55-90767 Regina 55-90769 Lovie 55-90770 Aquarius 55-90783 Capricorn 55-90785 Gin 55-90787 Scotch 55-90788 Soda 55-90789 Tonic 55-90740 Zircon 55-90752 Zircon Display 55-90753 Zirconia Display 55-90750 Zirconia Also ALL December Diamonds Magnets are Retired & December Diamonds will no longer produce magnets. FYI-Take your collecting seriously. They are all retired at some point & serious collectors have called us & have been willing to pay up to $1,000 for unavailable discontinued Mermen (in particular). Save your Boxes. This could be your retirement fund:) Seriously!!

Product Features

  • December Diamonds Zircon Merman Ornament
  • Rhinestone Studded Silver Glittered Tail!
  • Rhinestone Studded Belt, & Jewelry
  • Curly Blond Glittered Hair
  • Young, Shirtless, & Beautiful!