G. Debrekht sculptures is a warm, friendly line of handcrafted holiday and special occasion figurative sculptures and ornaments. From the remarkable eyes and facial expression to the exquisite robes and original designs, each piece is a free-hand painted G.DeBrekht original.

Product Features

  • G. DeBrekht fine art traditional, vintage style sculpted figures are delightful and imaginative.
  • Each figurine is artistically hand-painted with detailed scenes including classic Christmas art, winter wonderlands and the true meaning of Christmas, nativity art.
  • In the spirit of giving, G. DeBrekht holiday decor makes beautiful collectible Christmas and holiday gifts to share with loved ones. Every G. DeBrekht holiday decoration is an original work of art sure to be cherished as a family tradition and treasured by future generations.
  • Some items may have slight variations of the decoration on the decor due to the hand painted nature of the product.
  • Decorating your home for Christmas is a special time for families. With G. DeBrekht holiday home decor and decorations you can choose your style and create a true holiday gallery of art for your family to enjoy.