Celebrate Christmas with this Country Santa Ornaments Set; this set includes Santa embarking in activities in the country as he is traveling the world. Kitten, rabbits and rooster in hand. This masterfully handcrafted scenic ornament created from the best quality Baltic plywood. Inspired by the well renowned G. DeBrekht Artistic Studios our ornaments cultivates detailed Classic Christmas art, winter wonderlands and traveling adventures. Create a memorable holiday art gallery for your family and friends to enjoy. Material: Wood Overall Dimensions: 5×5 inches Gift Box: Included Handcrafted in the USA Some decorations on items may be slightly varied due to the hand-painted nature of the product. Made to Order Handcrafted in the USA All sales are final

Product Features

  • Material: Wood
  • Overall Dimensions: 5×5 inches
  • Handcrafted in the USA