Add Some Elegance To Your Next Wedding Or Any Event!

Each acrylic crystal garland strand is about 20″ in length, but you can combine strands to make them longer or shorter if necessary. Diamond crystals are approximately 7/8″ wide.

Individual garland crystals are in the shape of diamond.

They are the perfect premade crystal garland length for brides and event planners who are looking to replicate a crystal tree centerpiece or Manzanita tree table centerpiece.

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Product Features

  • PERFECT EVENT DECORATION – These crystal strands look great at any wedding. For whatever the occasion may be, you can count on these crystal diamond strands to help add a touch of elegance.
  • GREAT FOR HOME DECOR – Also makes a great hanging ornament for any home. Comes in a pack of 5 strands, each strand is 20″ inches long. 100″ inches in total.
  • NORMAL SIZE – Not too big, not too small. These crystal strands are 20″ inches long while diamonds are 7/8″ inches.
  • ADJUST TO YOUR PREFERENCE – Crystal strands are held together by metal rings, which make is easy to adjust strands to be as long or short as you need them to be.
  • WARRANTY INCLUDED – Manufacturer’s warranty included only when purchased from Super Z Outlet.