Have yourself a #*&%* Little Christmas! – yep. Nothing makes the holidays bright like hilarious Christmas trees and cringe-worthy ornaments. That’s why Fairly Odd Novelties knows how to Git ‘every done, and bring you the best plunger tree that money can buy! but it doesn’t stop there. Not only do get the soon-to-be-classic plunger tree that easily sets up and makes the man Cave glow with holiday spirit You also get a brand new set of tree Turd danglers. Those are the perfect poop emoji inspired ornaments that are really making a splash this year! shopping for the perfect gag or white elephant gift? – even better! There’s no funnier early-holiday gift than his very own plunger tree and all the %#*$ he needs to put on it too! plus it’s just a downright funny way to decorate the bathroom for your home or business. with easy assembly that even the reddest of necks can handle, count on this set to light up the holiday spirit inside everyone, and deck your halls with wows and gollies! somewhere between Charlie brown and the cable guy, there’s a new American legend that’s just waiting to be discovered this Christmas. We think this plunger and poop ornament combo might just hold the key! – You be the judge! order yours today! – there’s never been a nicer way to get classic (and classy) Redneck charm, with holiday spirit to spare! Enjoy!

Product Features

  • Get ready for laughs! – no other Christmas tree brings the “noise” quite like this! And the ornaments just seal the deal!
  • Bring some joy! – someone in your life needs a good holiday laugh… git’er done!
  • Decorate for success! – you’re ready for anything, including those huge Christmas dinners!
  • Enjoy your relief! – From holiday decorating confusion… just pop it up, decorate with turds, and you’re ready for a bright and joyous holiday season!
  • Gift with Confidence! – it’s the sure-fire Way to Bring a little holiday magic and laughter to bachelors and man-caves everywhere!