G. Debrekht sculptures is a warm, friendly line of handcrafted holiday and special occasion figurative sculptures and ornaments. From the remarkable eyes and facial expression to the exquisite robes and original designs, each piece is a free-hand painted G.DeBrekht original.

Product Features

  • Eastern European Art Style figurine by G Debrekht Artistic Studios, Derevo Collection
  • Wood-like Material: Polywood; handcrafted; gift box, limited Edition, certificate of authenticity, numbered
  • Classic painted art holiday sculptures nostalgic, handmade in traditional manner of byzantine art; painted; vintage;
  • Tabletop Décor Sheppard boy Nativity figurine by G Debrekht, inspirational
  • Christianity Inspirational Ornaments: Treasured Memories G. Debrekht Collectible Ornaments