A Real Sleigh Bell, what a great gift for the True Believer this Christmas. What a find under the Christmas Tree on Christmas morning. At Lignite Leather & Bells all of our Sleigh Bell sets are Hand Crafted, by us, in our Washington workshop; using traditional methods and patterned after the classic Jingle bells used over 100 years ago. Our bells are made the way they were in Grandpa’s day. These quality bells are Solid Brass, traditionally Sand Cast out of Bell Brass, with a classic petal pattern engraved and the outside surface polished to make a lovely sleigh bell. These are not cheap, craft store, stamped steel bells with a flash coating of brass and a tinny sound. Real Sleigh Bells are numbered according to size, the larger the number the larger the bell. Our Sleigh Bells start with a number 1 which is 1-1/8 inch in diameter up to a number 15 which is 2-7/8 inch in diameter. The smaller the size bell the higher the sound, the bigger the bell the deeper the sound. There is some variability in the tone of bells even in a given size; this comes from the bells being individually hand sand cast. These Sleigh Bells have the True Classic “Jingle Bells” sound and produce a wonderful tone with a bright clear ring. This wonderful Believer Bell comes with Real Leather tie from Santa’s Reindeer harness, black as shown, and a plush red velvet bag for safekeeping. These are true Sleigh Bells and are the only bells that Santa uses on his Sleigh! This is a gift that is sure to delight true believers, young and old, and could only come from Santa himself! Santa’s Sleigh Bells, Handcrafted by Lignite Leather & Bells. Quality materials, along with traditional craftsmanship and extra care produce tomorrow’s heirloom.

Product Features

  • Real Sleigh Bell, Hand Crafted using Traditional Methods Producing a Wonderful deep Tone with a Bright Clear Ring.
  • Huge #14 Solid Brass Bell is a Whopping 2-3/4″ in diameter
  • Includes Beautiful Red Velvet pouch with gold velvet lining for Safekeeping
  • Includes Real Leather Tie from Santas Reindeer Harness, black in color
  • A bell this big & impressive can only be from Santa’s sleigh.