This Charming Christmas Ornaments Set is designed to add beauty and warmth to your Christmas tree. This gold-toned Christmas Ornaments 12-Piece Set includes a fireplace with presents and children, a teacher wreath, a carousel, a partridge in a pear tree, sleeping children, a watering can, a jingle bell wreath, a winter scene, a sleigh scene, a stocking, a darling baby angel on a cloud and a comfy cat. These 3″ ornaments are durably constructed and feature gold-tone and silver-tone finishes. These silver-toned Christmas Ornaments will make a wonderful gift for a teacher or a newlywed couple. Charming Christmas Ornaments, 12-Piece Set: All 12 ornaments have gold-tone or silver-tone finishes Each ornament measures 3″

Product Features

  • Includes: Fireplace Teacher wreath Carousel Pear tree Sleeping children Watering can Jingle bell wreath Winter scene Sleigh scene Stocking Baby angel on cloud Cat