The Holy Family heart pendant 2.5″H. Ocean Mother-of-Pearl sterling silver Pendant, hand painted in old-style Icon painting techniques. G. DeBrekht and its beautifully handcrafted vantage yet fashionable pendent with deep iridescent effects making this hand painted jewelry special and unique. Each Pendent is exquisitely infused with symbolic inspirational energy. Its traditional well known religious artwork is infused with a twist of G. DeBrekht one of a kind entrenched style, its Silver plated chain helps make this selection stand out. Included with a Gift Box, this exquisite piece of jewelry makes an exceptional gift and or collectable. This light weight pendent is unnoticeably irresistible to wear every day. Items may have slight variations of the decoration on the decor due to the hand-painted and nature of mother of pearl. Handcrafted in the USA. G. DeBrekht; DeBrekht; GDeBrekht

Product Features

  • Inspirational Message Icons on Gold Leaf wooden plaque measure 4.75h x 2.75″ with cotton ribbon
  • Handcrafted in aged Wood replicas of authentic Old World Icon.
  • Religious Item / Gift Item/ Holiday Item/ Collectible Item. Handcrafted in the USA
  • Each Icon is an original work of art and should be carred for as such. Collectible Christmas, Holiday and Sacred gifts to share with loved ones.
  • Antique Icon Style of Art to hang as an ornament or wall plaques