From her earliest days, Sister M.I. Hummel loved to draw She delighted her family and friends with pictures of birds and animals. Portraits of young friends engaged in everyday activities were also among her favorite themes. As her talent matured, Sister Hummel still favored these subjects in much of her art, including such works as the charming Feeding Timme. This cheerful painting exemplifies her appreciation for the beauty in daily life-a reverence that has given Sister Hummel worldwide renown as an artist. Dressed in the costume of Sister Hummel’s native Bavaria, a pretty little girl is depicted feeding her chickens. Her gleeful expression suggests she finds enormous pleasure in this very important task. A smile lights up her face, and her eyes shine with happiness. As she reaches for another handful of feed, a fluffy yellow chick peeks into her dish. Clearly, she is enthralled by his antics. This charming scene is simple, yet astonishingly fresh and appealing. Complementing this joyful painting is a golden filigreed frame featuring delicate flowers interspersed with lively chicks. Like the other ornaments in this holiday collection, Feeding Time is individually hallmarked and registered.

Product Features

  • An original ornament from the Christmas Ornament Collectors Club
  • Individually hallmarked and registered
  • about 2 1/4 inches in diameter
  • Dated 1988