No song ever sounded sweeter! Festive occasions like birthdays merit a serenade, a special gift of love from the Girls Ensemble quartet. The adorable flaxen-haired foursome is obviously well rehearsed for their performance. They’ve brought their own music and a ribbon-festooned mandolin to accompany them. The little songsters are also the bearers of more traditional gifts. There’s a party cake, decorated with a bright red candle, and a large potted plant that is almost as tall as the child who carries it. The state of Bavaria, where Sister Hummel’s Franciscan convent was located, is widely renowned for its rich musical heritage. The gentle nun portrayed that tradition, carried on by the youngsters she observed strolling and playing on the streets of the village of Siessen. Girls Ensemble is framed with a delicate filigree circlet finished in gleaming 24 karat gold. Its design, based upon the original painting, features ribbon-trimmed musical instruments and large candles. Like the other ornaments in this charming collection, it is individ-ually hallmarked and registered.

Product Features

  • An original ornament from the Christmas Ornament Collectors Club
  • Individually hallmarked and registered
  • about 2 1/4 inches in diameter