The art work of Sister M.I. Hummel s enormous appeal for people from all corners of the globe. Her astonishing ability to capture the joy of tender family scenes like the one shown in Grandpa’s Helpers has endeared her to millions. The wonderful sense of family togetherness depicted in this painting conveys the true spirit of the Christmas season. Warmth and affection radiate from this captivating painting of three young children trying to help their kindly grandfather ready himself for the day. One little tyke is carefully combing Grandpa’s hair. The oldest of the three, a flaxen-haired young girl, stands on tiptoes to touch his long, white beard and arrange it to her satisfaction. Thoroughly enjoying the attention of his little ones, Grandpa has one arm around the girl. With his other arm he holds the youngest child-a baby, who snuggles close to him. A jet-black Scottish terrier perks up his ears with interest, and a tiny bird, which is perched nearby, chirps in delight. The hand-crafted frame that encircles Grandpa’s Helpers features sweet, little birds and lively Scottish terriers. Finished in gleaming 24kt gold, this cheerful holiday ornament is individually hallmarked and registered.

Product Features

  • An original ornament from the Christmas Ornament Collectors Club
  • Individually hallmarked and registered
  • about 2 1/4 inches in diameter