It is December . . . time to send the annual Letter to Santa Claus. Inside the specially-sealed envelope is a long list of secret Christmas wishes, along with repeated assurances that the writer has been a good boy all year. In Bavaria, where Sister Hummel lived and painted, winter comes early, covering the mountains and meadows with a thick blanket of snow. The little youngster is dressed appropriately, in a warm jacket with a Tyrolean wool cap, scarf, mittens and boots. His mode of transportation is an old-fashioned wooden sled. Typical of Sister Hummel’s gentle sense of humor, the mailbox is almost out of the small child’s reach. He has to hold the envelope in both hands, stand on tiptoes and stretch to put his all-important letter in the slot. More letters to Santa are featured on the 24kt gold-finished frame. They are interspersed with sleds carrying brightly wrapped holiday packages and small mountain flowers. Like the other ornaments in this exclusive Hummel collection, Letter to Santa Claus is individually hallmarked and registered.

Product Features

  • An original ornament from the Christmas Ornament Collectors Club
  • Individually hallmarked and registered
  • about 2 1/4 inches in diameter