In the whimsical painting Looks Like Rain, the little boy’s mood is as downcast as the skies above are over-cast. Nevertheless, Sister Hummel’s irrepressible optimism shines through. That trait of her personality is especially remarkable considering that she was painting in the I 930’s, when the clouds of war were gathering over her native Germany. The unhappy wanderer is a typical Bavarian youngster who is trudging through the meadow, carrying his umbrella. He has on his lederhosen and jacket, with a Tyrolean hat on his head and oversize clogs on his feet. At the moment, he doesn’t appear to notice the colorful summer flowers blooming around him. But the bouquet in his knapsack can’t help but brighten his spirits later on. The delicate, hand-crafted filigree frame surrounding Looks Like Rain further emphasizes the optimistic nature of the work. Finished in real 24kt gold, it features an assortment of flowers and other meadow plants. Like the other ornaments in the exclusive Hummel collection, Looks Like Rain is individually hallmarked, and registered.

Product Features

  • An original ornament from the Christmas Ornament Collectors Club
  • Individually hallmarked and registered
  • about 2 1/4 inches in diameter