Since 1597 the Muller-Blech family of glass-blowers, created beautiful mouth-blown and hand painted glassware. In about 1850, their passion of glass blowing evolved into the creation of glass Christmas ornaments as we know today. A 400 year old journey, INGE-GLAS of Germany located in Neustadt of northern Bavaria, continues the tradition of quality craftsmanship. Their Star Crown cap, trademarked in 1985, is your guarantee that you possess an authentic heirloom INGE-GLAS ornament. Trust and count on the 5-Point Star Crown of INGE-GLAS and enjoy your collection of ornaments for years to come.

Product Features

  • Tropical Parrot (Paradisischer Kakadu)
  • Bird Haus Ornament Collection
  • by Inge-Glas
  • Made in Germany
  • Measures 9 3/4 inches (24.5 cm)
  • Mouth-Blown Glass and Hand Painted with Feathers
  • Packaged in a Inge-Glas of Germany Gift Box
  • Item Number 1-045-07
  • Christmas Store Park Avenue
  • At that time, during the cold winter months in Germany, glassblowers often kept birds in cages in their workshop to offer them shelter and to enjoy their melodies. Thes birds gave craftsmen companionship and inspiration for creating new ornament moulds. The glass-blower family Muller-Blech was always known for the production of glass birds. Still today they are producing an amazing variety of this popular ornament in stunning designs. Birds are symbols for joy and happiness, they are said to be messengers from God and the embodiment of souls.