Slate Christmas Ornaments from Bison Hill Stonecrafts will look great on your tree. They are durable, long lasting, personal mementos that can be given as gifts for any occasion. They are available in all states, basically any sport, and a ton of animal shapes. On top of that, personalized etching is available to engrave names, initials, designs, or anything else you can think of. There is an ornament for everyone!


  • Natural reclaimed roofing slate. Green Material!
  • 10 year Material Quality Guarantee.
  • Delivery within a week!
  • Available in 5 colors.
  • Personalize with Laser Engraving.
  • Handmade in Waterford, PA.

Rectangular shaped ornaments are typically around 3″ x 4″, while square or round ornaments are 3.5″ across and tall. They will require a fairly stiff branch, but are not excessively heavy to weigh down an entire branch.

The ornaments should require no care other than periodic dusting. Take caution as drops may chip the edges and will weaken the internal strength of the slate.