At joy to the world, our goal is to create the most unique collection of ornaments on the market today with an innovative approach to ornament design. Each ornament takes 7 days to produce. They are mouth blown and hand painted by some of the finest artists in poland. Through the years, our line has grown significantly, and we now offer many different collections with a very diverse appeal. We feel that our collection is more exciting than ever, and we have taken our individual collections to a whole new level in detail, uniqueness and artistic direction. The pet set dog ornaments are endorsed by betty white to benefit morris animal foundation. These ornaments continue to be favorites. We offer the largest glass ornament collection of breed specific dogs with a concentration on the rare breeds and unique colorations. Each pet set dog is packed individually in its own black lacquered box with a unique photo label identifying each dog ornament.

Product Features

  • Each pet set ornament is endorsed by betty white to benefit morris animal foundation
  • Breed specific dogs including rare breeds and unique colorations
  • It takes 7 days to make each ornament which are mouth blown and hand painted
  • Made in Europe and all materials are sourced in Europe
  • Individually boxed with photo label