Lift up your family’s holiday spirits and bring magic to them along with Christmas cheers in a heavenly yet subtle way. These 5.5″ snowflakes have a fairy tale touch to them, bringing a sense of fantasy and wonder to you and your family. It features two Extremely detailed Snowflakes with golden trimmings, made from an exceptional quality plastic material. They are beautiful, sturdy, long-lasting, and always bring the northern winds with them. Hanging from high quality threads, having magic dust glittered all over them that adds delicacy to them, one ruby red with platinum pearl and one platinum with ruby red pearl, and vice-versa secondary color – all make these snowflakes magical and elegant without forgetting the chills. Two 5.5″ Snowflakes that brings the northern winds wherever they go

Product Features

  • A SNOWY CHRISTMAS – Can you really have Christmas with the magic of snow? It will be like having pizza without cheese. We at Kurt Adler believe, the more the merrier. Add these Snowflakes to your Christmas decor and show your passion and love towards one of the most magical festival in the world. This 5.5″ Northern snow will help you create a perfect Christmas ambience
  • CHILLY DETAILS – Showcasing two Snowflakes with golden trimmings settled over them, ready for Christmas and your festive spirits. The first snowflake has a primary ruby red color with platinum secondary color and a crystal pearl in the middle. The second snowflake has a platinum primary color with ruby red secondary color and a ruby beautifully placed in the middle.
  • SNOWFALL FOR EVERY SEASON – winters are amazing – people wear cozy clothes, start some bonfires and best of all, it snows. Kurt Adler’s 5.5″ Snowflakes are a subtle way to reminds you of your favorite season in a subtle yet magical way. The high-quality plastic material used for these snowflakes, ensures that it snows whether its spring or summer.
  • GOES EVERYWHERE – These strong, durable and magical Snowflakes are the perfect choice to complete your decoration list. Whether you hang them inside your kitchen cabinet or whether you decide to make them fall in your child’s room, these Snowflakes will bring the festive ambience no matter where you decide putting them.
  • SHARE THE CHILLS – Share your love and passion for the festive season and let your loved ones know that you are thinking about them by gifting these magical ornaments. They are a perfect gift to show your Christmas spirits and a clever way to ensure that the snow of the northern pole falls upon them, this Christmas.