Lift up your family’s holiday spirits and bring magic to them along with Christmas cheers in a heavenly yet subtle way. These 6″ Christmas trees have northern stars above them, bringing a sense of fantasy and wonder to you and your family. It features two Christmas trees, made from an exceptional quality Acrylic are beautiful, sturdy, long-lasting, and always shine bright upon your family together. Hanging from high quality threads, having magic dust glitter all over them that adds a fairy-tale touch to them, one ruby red with platinum leaves and one platinum with ruby red leaves, and four beautiful pearls – all make these magical and elegant Christmas trees hang near the big Christmas tree year after year. Two 6″ north poles that makes Santa leave more gift for your child

Product Features

  • TRUE NORTHERN CHRISTMAS – Can you really have too many Christmas trees on Christmas? We at Kurt Adler believe, the more the merrier. Add these northern stars to your Christmas decor and show your passion and love towards one of the most magical festival in the world. These 6″ Northern poles will give Santa a reason to leave more gifts at your house, this Christmas.
  • FANTASTICALLY DETAILED – Showcasing two Christmas trees with magic dust sprinkled over them, ready for Santa and all his Christmas gifts. The first tree is a ruby red with a red northern star above, platinum detailed leaves, standing inside a red pot. The second tree a platinum one with a similar northern star and pot, covered in detailed ruby red leaves
  • MAGICAL QUALITY – Put together using a prime-quality Acrylic, these Magical Christmas trees never stops glittering magic over your festive spirits. Acrylic is a transparent Plastic-like material that has outstanding strength, stiffness and optical clarity. It gives these Christmas trees their superior weathering properties.
  • SHINES EVERYWHERE – These strong, durable and magical Christmas trees are the perfect choice to complete your decoration list. Whether you hang them inside your kitchen cabinet or whether you decide to plant them in your child’s room, these Christmas trees will sprinkle magical dust around your entire house, no matter your Christmas theme.
  • SHARE THE MAGIC – Share your love and passion for the festive season and let your loved ones know that you are thinking about them by gifting these magical ornaments. They are a perfect gift to show your Christmas spirits and a clever way to ensure that the northern star shines upon them, this Christmas.