Create a playful and joyful Christmas environment for you and your family. Those holiday cheers will come early knocking on your doors when these Kurt Adler’s gingerbread chef ornaments become a part of your Christmas décor. Looking at these cute faces, Christmas spirits are sure to lift up yearly this year. They can be hanged using the high-quality red colored kitchen themed cloths or you can choose to settle them down near the Christmas trees or on kitchen table, they’ll look after those precious cookies. These cute faces wear white Christmas themed chef caps with green glittered ribbons. Crafted using a fine quality of resin and painted with delicacy. 3.5 inches of joy, playful Christmas cookies ready to be brought home

Product Features

  • WHY GINGERBREAD? – sent on a special mission from the North Pole, instructed by Santa Claus to help bake the Christmas cookies, Kurt Adler’s Christmas Chef Gingerbreads bring the Christmas charm in the hearts of you and your family.
  • AMAZING QUALITY – Made using prime-quality resin, you can say that these gingerbreads are here to bake a whole new level of resin-cookies this Christmas. They are extremely sturdy and while we can’t say that they were tasty to begin with, they sure will remain delicious looking year after year, helping you make more delicious cookies.
  • DELICIOUS LOOKING – Say hello to the two 3.5″ Christmas Chef Gingerbreads – the cute little faces wear dinky Christmas themed chef caps having glitter-green ribbons while holding kitchen equipments – a long wooden spoon and a metal whip – these gingerbreads sure glow with Christmas charm.
  • THE LAZY ONE – There’s a third gingerbread that is a part of the set, he is that friend who doesn’t do anything but takes all the credit. The lazy yet charming gingerbread is lying down on a metal container holding a small wooden spoon, pretending to work wearing a Christmas themed chef cap with green-glittered ribbon in the middle.
  • A GIFT FOR YOUR LOVED ONES – Showcase your love for the cookie season and let your loved ones know that you are thinking about them by gifting these delicious looking ornaments. They are a perfect gift to show your Christmas spirits and a clever way to make them come over your house for some Christmas cookies.