We spend a great deal of our time, money and thought on Christmas ornaments each year. Glittering and sparkling, Christmas ornaments make Christmas trees look much more magical and fun. What if you make your decoration more mesmerizing by adding a hint of musical notes to it? Kurt Adler designed this musical note bell ornaments to add a musical touch to your Christmas tree or home décor. Made up of a fine-quality plastic material this ornament is durable, sturdy and is absolutely going to stay with you for a very long.. To hang this ornament on your tree we attached golden colored string to each ornament whose length you can customize according to your need. This set of 3 musical Christmas ornament is glittered in gold color so that it can sparkle beautifully and make your decoration mesmerizing. Christmas ornaments that make our holiday decorations look joyful than ever.

Product Features

  • JINGLE BELLS: Are you thinking to add some musical décor this Christmas? Then our musical note bell ornaments is going to be your favorite. We designed 3 different notes 4″ tall and to enhance the delicacy they bring with them, we sprinkled them in gold glitter.
  • PLASTIC MATERIAL: To give your ornaments long life and to make it long lasting we crafted this musical notes bell with Tier A quality of plastic materials. Once these bells start to jingle, you and your family will hear their sweet melody Christmas after Christmas.
  • DECORATE IN SECONDS: No hassle to think about where and how to fix this or where and how to decorate that. To each ornament, a string is attached to hang them in the place where they look perfect. As the glittered golden bell sparkle, your décor becomes more beautiful.
  • MUSIC FOR ALL OCCASION – Whether it’s a new year’s eve or whether you are thinking about having a family thanksgiving dinner or whether it’s your child’s birthday party, these musical notes will be a perfect match too all your décor needs and bring subtleness to it.
  • AWAY FROM FLAMES: You can hang this ornament as per your preference anywhere but we will suggest you to keep it away from flames such as candle lights. It may damage the glitter over the ornaments so hang them in a place that is away from the flames.