Looking for ways to create a Royal Christmas décor and lift the festive spirits up? Kurt Adler’s Princess Ballerina brings a sense of elegance and royalty to any home decoration. The design represents a princess performing ballet, ready to show her craft to your family. It is beautifully crafted, extremely detailed and an exquisite work of art that is carved and painted to represent royalty. Hanging from elegant looking threads attached to a crown, these ballerina princesses showcases delicacy wearing a crown with red rubies, beautifully engraved dresses full of elegant engravings – one red and one silver – and red ballet shoes that completes their look. The 6″ princesses were lavishly designed to radiate royalty wherever they hang. 6″ Delicate ballerina princesses dressed in a royal outfit that brings style to your Christmas decor

Product Features

  • CHARM YOUR CHRISTMAS THEME – These elegantly crafted princesses are a subtle way to lift up your family’s Christmas spirits and bring festive holiday cheer to your home. The Beautiful Princesses made out of high-quality resin, bring a sense of elegance and royalty to any Christmas decoration.
  • ROYAL LOOKS – Showcasing a royal, imperial Ballerina princess performing ballet while wearing elegant and luxurious-looking dresses, the first is a silver-colored ruby dress with a sense of delicacy and the second is a red-colored ruby dress with a sense of elegance. Of course, a princess won’t be called one without a diamond crown.
  • DRESSED FOR ALL OCCASSIONS – Whether you are thinking about having a family thanksgiving supper or looking for a neat way to ornament your Halloween trick or treats or you are just enjoying a holiday with a bunch of friends, these ballerina figures will match all your décor needs by being perfectly aligned despite the occasion.
  • THE PERFECT ORNAMENT – We at Kurt Adler understand that we all have different preferences when it comes to our decoration choices. Being both elegant and flashy, the princesses will look perfect on your living room table, top shelf, work table, and more. This 6″ princesses radiates dignity everywhere they go without being the center of attraction
  • A GIFT FOR YOUR LOVED ONES – Showcase your love for ballet and let your loved ones know that you are thinking about them by gifting these royal princess ornaments. They are a perfect gift to show your luxurious taste and a flashy way to make them ask you, “Where did you get them from?”