Dazzling light displays, smell of fresh hot cookies, the holiday sounds of carolers and so much more make Christmas the perfect holiday. If your kids are die-hard fans of all fairy tales, a Christmas tree is the perfect opportunity to put that imagination for fairy land on clear display. To enhance the beauty of your fairy land décor, Kurt Adler presents set of pastel color UNICORN & PEGASUS hanging Christmas ornaments. The pastel color Pegasus and rainbow color unicorn made up with resin material, each 3.88″ tall, has beautiful design embellished with silver glitters. The unicorn is rested over the waning crescent moon and both the ornaments are attached to string to hang in the place you desire. Let’s toast this Christmas decoration to your child’s wonderful imaginations.

Product Features

  • RAINBOW UNICORN: “Is that a Unicorn with rainbow?” the question you are going to be hearing from everyone when you dazzle your decoration with such beautiful Horse. Made up with resin material and embellished with gorgeous artwork over it this 3.88″ tall ornament is going to be centre of attraction.
  • PASTEL PEGASUS: Pairing with unicorn, this Pegasus will stand unique for its beautiful design and pastel color. The wings of Pegasus are crafted in such a way that it looks like it is really flying high in the sky. The high-quality resin material will preserve its beauty for a really long time.
  • FAIRY TOUCH LOOK: With this eye catching combination of Unicorn and Pegasus you are going to make your younger one very happy, they will feel that they are actually landed in fairy land this Christmas and these horses will be more than ready to fly them over to north pole
  • WORKS IN SECONDS: These beautiful couple of ornaments is not going to waste your time and ruin your holidays. It comes with easy hanging process as strings are attached to them to properly fit in places you think they look perfect with your decoration.
  • SWAP WITH CLOTH: Although there’s very less dust in the air where they fly, but if they do get dusty then don’t wash them with water, just swap with soft cloth and its going to take out all the dust from it. Keep it safe and in proper place after use or you can use it for long time just swap the dust regularly.