Lift your and your family’s Christmas spirits up in a tropical way by adding these creatures of ocean into your Christmas decor. Kurt Adler’s silver glittered crystal blue 5″ seahorses will bring back the sense of wonder and imagination back in your child. It features two seahorses swimming and dancing in pair, showing their eternal love towards each other. They are beautifully detailed and cryptic ornaments that look extremely life-like. Hanging from high quality threads, having silver glittered all over them that adds a fairy-tale touch to them, radiating a gradient blue crystal look with an array of small diamonds running along their bodies – these seahorses emit the message of love everywhere they go, or should we say swim. Two beautifully crafted, elegant looking seahorses that are ready to bring the ocean near your Christmas tree

Product Features

  • THE AQUA QUALITY – Put together using a prime-quality Acrylic, these translucent seahorses never get tired of dancing around each other. Acrylic is a transparent Plastic-like material that has outstanding strength, stiffness and optical clarity. It gives these seashores their superior weathering properties.
  • DEPTH OF OCEAN- These seahorses swim in pairs and we at Kurt Adler would appreciate you showing your enthusiasm towards these magnificent creatures by not separating them. These seahorses look extremely life-like, have crystal blue color that gives them a gradient look and magical silver glitter with an array of small diamonds that run along their bodies.
  • PAIR THAT WORKS EVERYWHERE – These strong, durable and cryptic creatures are the perfect choice to complete your decoration list, no matter the occasion or place. Being the perfect blend between the land and ocean worlds, these gorgeous Seahorses will bring a tropical fell despite being kept in any room or hanged on any wall.
  • BRING A TROPICAL CHRISTMAS – Featuring two delicately accurate seahorses that are a perfect way to bring the ocean near your Christmas tree. These Tropical beings will lift up your family’s Christmas spirits and bring the tropical islands to you, this festive season. These Acrylic Seahorses bring the tropical winds and spirits to any Christmas decoration.
  • THE AQUATIC EXPERIENCE – Seahorses are special and extremely elegant beings that love swimming the ocean in pairs. They are often found dancing with entangled tails, the dance continues for about eight hours, a magnificent show indeed. One of the coolest, most charismatic yet cryptic creatures – Kurt Adler’s seahorse ornaments are an amazing way to keep the wonder alive in your child.