Looking for ways to create a traditional Christmas decor and lift those festive spirits up early? Kurt Adler’s Christmas elves bring a sense of mischief, joy and tradition to your Festive decorations. The design was made keeping the traditional outfits of the Christmas elves with Santa hats and boots, ready to play with your child. They are festive ready and bring the Christmas high with them. They can be hanged using the high-quality red colored thread or you can choose to settle them down near the Christmas trees, they’ll look after those gifts. These cute faces wear red and green Christmas sweaters – all having Christmas patterns engraved on them, with festive striped tights. Stitched using excellent quality fabrics, crafted with polyester and prime-quality buttons for eyes. 11 inches of joy, playfulness, and Christmas tradition ready to be brought home

Product Features

  • IMPORTANCE OF CHRISTMAS ELVES – sent on a special mission from the North Pole, instructed by Santa Claus to keep an eye on the behavior of your kids leading up to Christmas, Kurt Adler’s traditional Christmas elves bring the Christmas charm in the hearts of you and your family. Once these Elves arrive, you will be under a special Elveillance.
  • ELVES THAT STAYS AFTER CHRISTMAS – Stitched with prime-quality fabrics and crafted using the highest-quality of polyester, these elves are sturdy and masters of disappearing without leaving any clues behind. Once Christmas is over, they hide themselves for a whole year and reappear when it’s time for Christmas again, being in a minty perfect condition.
  • DRESSED BY SANTA – Say hello to the 11″ Christmas Elves – the cute little faces wear dinky Christmas sweaters with festive striped jumper and tights – the elves sure are brimming with Christmas charm. These Christmas Elves walk around your house and play with your kids wearing red Santa hats and Christmas boots. Santa himself was responsible for picking out dresses.
  • ELF CHRISTMAS TRADITION – Elves are joyful little beings sent by Santa to complement your Christmas enthusiasm and bring the magical Christmas tradition for your children in the form of elves this Christmas. Start your own modern family Christmas Elf tradition and bring fun, magic and adventure to your home year after year by adopting your own Elf for Christmas.
  • WATCHOUT FOR ANY MISCHIEF’S – While the mum, dad, and kids sleep, the elves sets up for the mischief. Our Christmas elves are known to spill breakfast cereal, play with toys, climb up the Christmas tree, scatter the underwear around the house, paint your faces and much worse. Santa knew this and gave them a bell, keep your ears open.