The Washington Monument was designed by Robert Mills to honor America’s first president. Construction fittingly began on Independence Day in 1848. The trowel used to set the cornerstone had actually been used by George Washington himself 55 years earlier in a similar ceremony at the Capitol Building. Unfortunately, Mills died in 1855 before the Monument could be completed. Construction was further interrupted by the onset of the Civil War. When building recommenced in 1876, Mills’ vision of a 600-foot obelisk was altered at the suggestion of Ambassador George Marsh. He proposed limiting the height to 555 feet to emulate the well-balanced proportions of an Egyptian obelisk, with a height ten times the width of the base. The Monument was finally completed in 1885. The tower’s tapering marble walls are capped by a solid aluminum pyramid. Although it may not be as tall as originally envisioned, the Washington Monument is still the highest freestanding masonry tower in the world. This ornament has been hand-blown and hand-painted in Poland.We have used hologram glitters for incredible reflection and added crystals to the “lights” in the tower. It comes to you nestled in acid-free tissue in our custom gift box.

Product Features

  • Hand blown and hand decorated glass ornament