These Kurt Adler officially licensed Five Pack Miniature M&M Ornaments are a fun, festive way to add to your holiday decor! Perfect for those with a sweet tooth, this set of resin ornaments features 5 of the M&Ms characters: Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange and Green. Each M&M’s attire inspired by the Christmas theme. The orange M&M is topped with a red sparkly bow, the green M&M is fabulously dressed in a red coat with a white trim, matching red boots and a matching red and white Santa hat. The yellow M&M has both his hands filled with gifts and sports a traditional red and white Santa hat. The blue M&M stands cool, calm and collected with his sunglasses, stylish green scarf and red Santa hat. Lastly, the red M&M stands happily with a green sack in his hand and a traditional red and white hat.

Product Features

  • Officially-licensed M&M ornaments
  • Made of plastic
  • Total of 5 ornaments
  • Fun 3D designs