MA2011037Stag Head was produced in Steinach, Germany, by Marolin Manufaktur, who has been producing high-quality ornaments, decorations, and figurines for European collectors and connoisseurs for over 100 years. Stag Head exmplifies Marolin’s niche of producing mouth-blown ornaments using old molds, then painting and finshing the items in such a way to create a vintage or ‘antique’ appearance. You will notice brush marks, minor color inconsistencies, rubs and an occasional small scratch, or even what appears to be missing paint. These are all part of the artistic charm that goes into the creation of Marolin ornaments. This is a brand-new ornament, made to look like a family heirloom, and which can become a family treasure to be passed down to future generations.

Product Features

  • Marolin Item Number MA2011037……….9 cm (3 1/2″) Tall
  • Marolin’s mouth-blown, hand-painted glass ornaments are specially crafted using techniques to emulate their original forebears with regard to rubs, minor scratches, artistic variations, and those little individual differences that make these items so charming. No two ornaments are identical, although the images shown here are a fair representation of what you will receive.
  • PLEASE NOTE: What appear to be flaws and imperfections are actually intentional touches to create an impression of antiquity and age, although this is a BRAND-NEW ornament.
  • Your ornament will be carefully wrapped in the attractive Marolin-labelled box, which will be shipped in a sturdy cardboard outer carton.