A Real Sleigh Bell, a great gift for the True Believer this Christmas. Hand crafted using traditional sand casting methods! Petal bells are hundreds of year old traditional New England pattern. Made the way they were back in the day. Solid brass. NOT CRAFT BELLS – heavy, and with a clear loud ring. All Authentic sleigh bells may or may not be engraved with a number, but traditionally they were numbered according to size, the larger the number the larger the bell. This was an indication of where to put the bell on the harness as it rested around the carriage animal’s neck. The smaller the size bell the higher the sound, the bigger the bell the deeper the sound. Every bell has its own unique sound, since they are hand made.

Product Features

  • Authentic Sleigh bell, golden brass and polished to a gleaming shine.
  • Comes with a nice presentation red satin sack.
  • No incriminating company names – elf workshops don’t do that.
  • Bell is a number 1, may or may not have number engraved. Measures 1 7/8ths inch diameter with red leather.
  • NOT A TOY, NOT FOR CHILDREN UNDER AGE 5. This is a holiday ornament. In the tradition of hanging a bell on the tree, as in It’s a Wonderful Life.