“M&M’s” Chocolate Candies were first introduced to the general public in 1941 and the brand earned much of its early acceptance from American GI’s serving in World War II. “M&M’s” Plain Chocolate Candies were a neat, convenient snack that traveled well in any climate. It was from the product convenience that the well-known brand slogan “The Milk Chocolate Melts in Your Mouth – Not in Your hand” evoled. Over fifty years later, the “M$M’s” Brand is Americxa’s favorite candy including the universally-loved “M&M’s” Brand Characters. Here we see the “M&M’s” Red Character preparing for a candy-coated Christmas. Once Red is finished covering his cookie tree with yummy “M&M’s” he plans to sit back and enjoy the sweetest Christmas ever!

Product Features

  • Dated 1999
  • Fully licensed product
  • Very well made with great detail