Introducing.. The absolutely fabulous Mr. Fahrenheit himself…

“I always knew I was a star And now, the rest of the world seems to agree with me.”

Ornament collecting is so much fun! Add to yours now or start your own collection today!!
Each piece is tiny work of art – these uniquely hand-painted gifts are perfect for friends, Christmas trees, cubicles, rear-view-mirrors, and more!
Crafted right here in the United States’ beautiful Pacific Northwest – unlike many others mass produced overseas…
Made from sustainably sourced wood that’s super durable yet not so heavy that it weighs down your tree.
Guaranteed satisfaction with no-hassle returns. Customer service and shipping is provided by Amazon’s expert team.
These are surefire ice-breakers, and we’re sure you’ll be back for more… You have been warned!!

Dimensions: 2 ½” x 2″ (64 mm x 50 mm)

Materials: acrylic paint, reforested birch wood, ornament hanger