Namb ‘s hot Chile Pepper paperweight is organically designed and can give many messages. Used to make a statement for personal or corporate gift giving.Anyone enchanted by the Southwest and who in particular owns up to a gastronomic fondness for the famous red and green chilis of New Mexico, would get a kick out of this sculpted chili pepper. Handcrafted of a gleaming metal alloy, the pepper is realistically rendered right down to its curves, dimples, and stem. Gift-boxed and engraved with the prestigious Nambé name, the chili pepper measures approximately six inches in length and makes a unique paperweight for the office or year-round ornament for the home. The pepper is easily cleaned by hand.

Nambé was founded in 1951 in a village of the same name in scenic northern New Mexico. From the beginning, the company has focused on hand-producing high-quality, functional metal items such as bowls and trays with great attention to timeless, modern design. Still made in the USA, Nambé’s signature metal alloy is liquified, poured into a hand-made sand cast, and the resulting piece repeatedly polished and smoothed by hand. Exceptional gifts for the most special of occasions, Nambé metal bowls and accessories are now joined by porcelain and crystal pieces, each flawlessly crafted. Nambé ware has won numerous design awards, has been shown in or recognized by nearly two dozen museums worldwide, and is part of the permanent collections of many, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York. –Ann Bieri

Product Features

  • Nambe chili pepper; approximately 6-inch in length
  • Crafted of sand-cast metal alloy and hand-polished to a bright gleam
  • Realistic pepper shape with a Southwestern sensibility
  • Makes a unique paperweight or ornament; gift-boxed
  • Inscribed with the Nambe name; USA-made ; wash by hand