Noble Gems is a collection of beautiful glass ornaments celebrating different occasions. This wedding set comes in a white box printed in gold foil, and features 6 items: white lovebirds delicately embellished with gold and pink, and the words, “Our First Christmas Together” to represent a couple in love; a dancing bride and groom with the words “To Have and to Hold” to represent the first dance as a married couple, as well as the wedding vows; a gold champagne bottle and two glasses labeled “Groom” and “Bride”; a white chapel adorned with glitter and gems, to represent the place of the ceremony; a white wedding bell adorned with pink and blue ribbon and flower detailing; and a glittery white heart adorned with green flowers. This is the perfect wedding gift, helping the happy couple renew memories of their wedding year after year.

Product Features

  • 3-1/2-4-Inch glass ornament set
  • Glass
  • Noble Gems glass wedding ornament set