Soy Sauce originated in China between the second and fifth centuries. Salt was an expensive commodity and soy sauce was a less expensive way to add salty flavor to a dish. Today, the condiment is used around the world and is available in hundreds of various flavors and varieties.Sushi was originally a Japanese method of preserving fish by combining it with rice and vinegar. Today, sushi has evolved into a popular culinary art. Though this beautifully handcrafted glass ornament is non edible, it whimsically represents the healthy and delicious Sushi Roll.

Product Features

  • This fun pair of Soy Sauce and Sushi Roll ornaments is a great gift for that hard to buy friend.
  • Soy Sauce bottle 4 1/4″ and Sushi is 2 1/4″.
  • These are non edible items.